Search for Truth
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Cultivating the Way, persist with diligence
Holding the right spirit, pursue on
Enabling the Light to show the Way
Faster but steadily one must travel
Aiming only to obtain the Truth
Thinking not of the glittering gems
Taking only the true gem that can lead on.
Follow the cultivation of the Way, but the way is not
easily found. It may be in various forms, but all truth
will lead to the right cultivation. Many people ask of
what cultivation means and the rules to follow the Way.
A person who is in command of stillness, he will have
better stage of realization. People seek afar and near
for this Way, yet it is merely inches away. For a heart
with pureness will understand the better of it. In order
to cultivate the Way, tolerance is a necessity. Learn to
tolerate what others cannot tolerate. Learn to remain in
a calm state of mind in order to see things in a proper
way. The road is always shown, but one must cultivate in
the right manner in order to proceed along this road. The
road though wide and bright yet not all men can see it.
Therefore, man must free himself from illusions and clear
the dust from his eyes. Only then, the vision will be clear
again for him to take the Way.
Tolerance is one of the virtues that can uphold peace in
any place. Through one's tolerance, many may benefit to
upkeep a peaceful place. All must learn to give way. Many
masters have taught in their time that hate can never solve
the problems of hatred. By love alone, hatred will
be conquered. Thus, a person who is in the process of
cultivating the mind and the Way must learn to tolerate
things that may not seem right. With patience to conquer
man's heart, one may show others the Way. For if one is
unable to show others the right way with the right attitude,
then how can one be in the progress of cultivation?
Many people have questions with regard to tolerance.
They often wonder if a mountain may be moved with time
but the character of man remains. If one sees red like
a volcanic eruption, how can one tolerate? Let me tell
you, the cultivation of the Way is not an easy thing. One
must be able to tolerate as there are many hurdles that
lie ahead. If man can remember that all things are
illusions, then the mind will be calm and pure. Since
all these are illusions and void, then only peace should
be seen. For when man is totally in the stage of emptiness,
nothing in this world will really matter. If he were to
realize that things are all impermanent, then it is not
worth thinking too much of them. Man should concentrate
on cultivation which will enlighten him with Truth. People
should realize that recycle is the coming and going back
without any aim or plan. Those who realize the Truth will
continue to cultivate until they end the recycle.
Be diligent in the Search.
Tolerate all unpleasant things.
Love all with the right compassion.
Cultivate the unknown path.
Be ready to seek.
Let the Truth guide on,
PAI YUEN (White Clouds)
Persist with the Search
Attempt with all efforts to gain
Intruder of illusion, cast away
Yonder may be dark
Use all might to gain the Way
Events of search must be pure
Never retreat but go on.
In today's society, many have claimed to be cultivating
the Way and they also think that by doing so, much they
will gain. The way to the Western Paradise may seem to be
easy, but along the journey that takes days, intruders
will arrive one after another. Only the one who is
fit and strong may survive these tests but the weak one
may go through if he is persistent. All must remember
that not only the Heavenly Beings wish to get into man's
heart, the evils are also making their attempts. A person
who searches for the Way must learn to be persistent. In
all events, he must continue to strive for the right course
and to strive hard in order to find the Path. Only by hard
work will fruits be borne. If one gives way to evil thoughts
and slacken in this work, then how can he cultivate the Way?
Pursue the right track and follow the Light that shows the
Way. At-certain junctures, other side-roads may appear.
Though they look shorter, do not fall prey to them. For
to attain enlightenment, there is no short-cut. You know
the destination, but the right road is yet to be found.
Persist in your Search. Realize the Truth in its true form.
Do not allow images to blur the Way. A person who cultivates
the Way must learn that things should not be stopped mid-way.
Since Truth is not in a clear form, dig deeper into materials
and seek only to understand. Open up the wisdom and with total
stillness, think of the Way. In other words, a person who
searches for the Truth must work to his best capability,
must be persistent in his actions and must never leave
anything unanswered in his mind.
As one searches, one may fall back. Progress one may
gain for knowledge is widened. If follow-up actions are
not seen then all will be wasted. The cultivation may be
in two parts. Firstly, attaining a stage of stillness,
thereby the mind will be calm. When the mind is calm and
pure, it will be at its best stage whereby realization is
at its peak. By realizing the Truth, one will know of the
Path. Secondly, cultivation lies in the daily actions.
When realization is cultivated, a person should practise it
with diligence and in the right manner. Practise it with
virtues and pure mind.
Let me give a simple example to the above. Man
realizes that food is essential to upkeep his strength
and water is a necessity for survival. If man merely
realizes this and yet take neither food nor water then
how can he survive? If he follows up with actions, the
food and water will give him life. Therefore, in the
cultivation of the Way, man must not only realize things
but upon realization, actions must also be taken.
All sorts of teaching and saying can be found in books.
By researching and reading these books, the knowledge
may be widened. Increasing in knowledge, one may also
increase one's wisdom and by the increasing wisdom, one
will know the right way to search. If man depends
everything on books, then his knowledge will be limited
to whatever is written. However, if man can make use of
the teachings in words and. combine .them with his own
realization, then he may truly gain. Man must learn to
remember that all books are but words and all words
are but impermanent things. For this, man may query,
books that are written have remained for thousands of
years and yet they still remain, why then are they
impermanent? The life of man is impermanent and short.
Thus, even if books remain, the life of man will not
remain. In one's lifetime, one may not realize the Truth
in the books and in the next life, one begins from the
beginning again. Therefore, words will not be permanent
in one's mind. It is not in books that man finds the Way.
It is through realization that brings about the Path.
Realization of the true-self, realization of Truth and
the realization of the Way: all these man must aim
to achieve.
Do not wonder at the achievement of others, but set
the right goal to achieve. Others cannot eat or drink
for you nor can they attain for you. If you do not aim
to attain, no man can force you. The way to the final
destination may be shown, but you must do the hard work
yourself. Step by step, firmly as you go, sway not to
either side but take the middle path for good.
PAI YUEN (White Clouds)
Precious are the words given
As gold and jewels, they glitter
Into the treasure hunt, all must go
Yet words of goodness are worth more than gold
Unite the spirit of the inner self in the Search
Erase the bad for the treasure of words
Nothing is worth more than your true-self.
Kindness conies with a sincere heart
Compassion of ABOVE is given to all
Using the right compassion
Lead a righteous life to gain
Attempting to cultivate the Way
The Truth one must first see
Neglect not the beings' need
Continue to strive hard
You will get out of the suffering sea
Take all along and row them across
In helping others to cross
All will be able to reach Heaven
Neglect not the old as well
Cultivate the right way and search
MERCIFUL must be the hearts of all men
ONE by one take them all across to the Land.
The world is like a great burning furnace. At
anytime, things will all be gulfed up. Men at this
point still do not realize the way Home. They will
not row their own boat nor allow others to row them
across the suffering sea. As living beings, they have
every right to be in Heaven. Give them the right
guidance and they may turn back again. The fire is
burning and will continue to do so until all things
become ashes. Therefore, before you are burnt, take
up the task and be on your way. As a person who
cultivates the Way, the right motive must be seen. Be
merciful and do not only help yourself but others as
well. Heaven awaits all those who turn back.
There are many ways and forms of cultivation and
if man can concentrate on the method taught, practise
with diligence and with sincerity at heart, he will
surely gain. The first thing that man must learn, is
filial piety that leads the way. Man must learn to
be grateful to his parents who brought him to this
orld. Although only the body was given by the parents,
yet without it man cannot cultivate the Way. Imagine the
care and love given, which is equal to the compassion of
the ABOVE. Practise filial piety in the right manner and
learn the right way to do so. It must be practised with
love and not merely out of duty. It must be practised
because you wish to do so and not for the eyes only.
There are many interpretations as to the way to practise
filial piety. Food, clothing, house and material things
are often given as a gesture of filial piety. All the worldly
materials one may give but where is the home that the old
one needs; a home that has warmth even in a stormy night
and a home that is lighted up with compassion and not of
mere action. Man must remember that in the performing of
virtuous deeds, filial piety takes the lead. If one cannot
perform filial piety to the ones that give him life, feed
him and teach him, then how can one perform any other virtuous
deeds with true loving compassion as the ABOVE?
The world of suffering, the world that needs help
The people who cultivate, the people who search
The Search for Truth, the Path you see
The Path in vision, the journey one must take
In this world of suffering, many people think that
they can still find the Way. Sad to note that upon
finding the Way, the time is gone. Without the time,
one will not be able to walk Home. Begin your cultivation
now and do not wait until your time has run out. Things
of the present are the reflections of the past. If you
think that you are happy now then only the future recycle
will await you. If man wishes to control the future, he
must make good use of this present time.
Seek the Truth but not too far, for the Truth is
all within the true-self. Everyone has a true-self
to seek. Thus, begin the Search from the bottom of
your heart.
All men must search for the right Path, although
they believe that only the distant land can give them
the answer. In practising the Truth, one must realize
the Great Void and the true nature of man. Realizing
the nature in its proper way, attainment will thereby
be reached. All men must first believe in themselves
before they can find the Way. If confidence is not seen,
then men will sway like the leaves blown by the wind.
If you are not in a steady state of mind, how can
cultivation take place?
A selfless state one must attain in order to really
practise with good harvest. If man can be in a selfless
state, yet control all things without this self, he may
reach the better side of realizing things. Truth is
formless but man must see its form in order to know.
Realization takes place in a selfless stage as well.
Combine it well and one may be able to practise
selflessness, that is no action against action. Things
that can be controlled in their physical form may not
last long. Controlling the physical form does not mean
that one can control the inner form. If one can control
the inner form, then one has won the physical form.
KUAN YIN (Goddess of Mercy)                                                           
Kindle the Compassionate Light again
Using it to guide you along
Across the sea, Heaven awaits
Never let the chance pass by without seeing it
Yonder journey may be dark for the physical eyes
In overcoming the darkness, shine it with the 'third eye'
Never allow the glow to be dimmed while crossing the
 suffering sea
THE nature must return to its right form
MERCIFUL is the ABOVE for the Way
ONE must return to nature to see more.
Coming and going with a mind so free, as the day passes on
Holding nothing for the future plan
Ending with more and more recycles seen
Failure to realize the true-self
Another era may yet await you
Taking recycle as a minor thing
Tempting yourself back to this glittering land.
In this society, many people take things in a very
easy manner. They take the sunrise as a beginning and
ending only with sunset. Thinking only of a moment of
happiness, they neglect the Search. Being told of the
seriousness of Cause and Effect yet it has no effect on
them. Many would claim that if they do not attain in this
life then they will still have time to do so the next life.
How many have really given this subject a serious thought?
Many beings await their return to this plane in a human form.
Since man is capable of the highest attainment in this
plane, why wait? Man is at the mercy of time and time is
not a merciful thing. Time will march on and no man
can turn it back.                  
Good deeds done, good result it provides.
Bad deeds observed; bad effect it provides.
Good things and bad things can never be mixed.
Only seeds of goodness will provide good fruits.
Think of the many events when the harvest is bad.
When harvest is no good, man suffers for it.
And the harvest will only be good with the
right attempt.
Do not envy people who have good status nor look
down upon the poor. Be satisfied with whatever you
have and in it, happiness is in store. If man is not
satisfied with his own share he will only end up in
unhappiness. Thinking of ways to obtain yet he cannot
find. While thinking of the way, time creeps by. In
searching and seeking the Truth, learn to be satisfied
first with whatever you have. The satisfaction will bring
along a peaceful mind. Neither jealousy nor desire will
creep in and you may rest assured of a peaceful mind. When
all are at peace, things will run smoothly and the Truth
you find. Obtain the Truth in the right manner and realize
it in your own way. Be happy with the inner joy of
tranquility and not the outer joy of illusion. Illusions
are only acting as one's burial ground. Do not take illusions
Turn away from illusions and allow only the Truth to settle
in and this will be your formless fence against all illusions.
Ceasing recycle, Search must be made
Hope to secure the Path
End not half-way in cultivating
Facts must be seen. Truth will be found
Along the way, take up the goodness
Take not dust particles with you
Tender the root in its best way.
For a divine-writer chosen by the ABOVE, he is in no
way different from others who can go into trance. Both
are acting as messengers of the ABOVE. The only difference
may be that one is semi-conscious and the other is conscious
of the action that takes place during the Divine Order.
All messengers of the ABOVE have the same duty to perform.
Their mind must be pure and their thoughts are for all beings
only. Their only aim is to pass on the messages to all.
The only burden for any pare messenger who acts as a transmitter is
that the frequency must always be in its right station.
Setting it slightly to the left or right and the message
will not go through smoothly. For any messenger who
wishes to perceive even a clearer transmission then he
must do his part. It is said that with sincerity and
faith man can perceive the message, But if man does not
continue to cultivate his true-self, then the frequency
may end up blurred. The task of the chosen messenger is
great, for he must always be willing to sacrifice for
the benefits of the millions I who wait for the boat to
carry them across to Heaven. This is the task of the
perceiver to transmit the right word and to do the utmost
for anyone that needs help.                                            |
By being able to perceive the message of the ABOVE,
the chosen one must not take too much pride. One must
realize that he is merely acting as a bridge for the
beings to cross over the suffering sea. Bear in mind
that one may gain perception but if his doings and actions
are not rightly put forward to benefit others, he may
lose the perception totally. For when the bridge is
half-broken and unless it is repaired, it will not
serve its purpose anymore.
A question that always posed unanswered in a man's mind
is that if the ABOVE is so kind, why is HE seeking man's
return? Since gambling is a vice, why are there certain
places in a position to give hints to the gamblers? These
two questions have always roamed the mind of man. The ABOVE
is ever ready to help anyone who seeks. Seek and one shall
find, knock and the door will be opened. The ABOVE gives
life to man and no one besides the ABOVE has the right to
take it back. Since life is given freely in order for man
to realize the Truth and to get out of the recycle, do you
think that the ABOVE will charge you in any form or kind? The
doings of the ABOVE always have an aim only: to save all.
But if man wishes to remain, then it is the doing of man.
Just as the ABOVE grants life to you, but HE has no control
over your life. 
One may be a perceiver of message from ABOVE, but his
daily actions can only be controlled by his true-self
and not by the ABOVE. Man who believes the words of
purity, must also believe with enough reasoning. Do not
believe in things that one is unsure of. Seek the answer
in its right way. While seeking, one must also learn not
to be on the defensive side. When doubts cloud the mind,
seek to clear with clarity. Do not seek for the sake of
finding faults of others, for these are not the teachings
of the ABOVE. All men live under one sky and their roots
are nourished by the same food. Therefore, there is no need
to fight against one another. Since so many sects have being
added to the five religions that are well accepted, man must
remember not to be a persecutor of any religion. For when
one criticizes the other, he is no better off in his
own religion. If one cannot learn simple tolerance, then
how can he endure the difficult journey that leads to Heaven?
As for people who seek treasure, I would seriously advise
That they seek the right kind. There are two types of
treasure in this world: one is impermanent and other
is permanent. Decide your own choice and begin your
cultivation of righteousness now. Man must learn to
use his wisdom to judge many things. There are things
moulded by the ABOVE and also by the greediness of man.
Differentiate the Truth and use your own wisdom to judge.
Do not merely thank the ABOVE for wishes granted and curse
Him for things not granted.